Fine Italian Food and Wine


Provisioning: A Simple and Targeted Approach

Fine Italian food and wine can be conveniently delivered to boats and yachts in major Italian ports upon request.
Simply provide us with a delivery date and port, and your selections will be ready to set sail with you!

Step 1

Arranging a good Galley

Galley management is a fundamental aspect of life on a boat. Selecting a range of products and beverages that fully meet the needs of guests while considering space and travel requirements is crucial.

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Step 2

Stocking the galley

Once you have selected the products that best meet the needs on board, it is important to replenish the Galley with the same products that were previously selected to maintain consistency in quality and price. This will prevent the need to replenish with makeshift products wherever you happen to be, which could compromise the quality standard. It is crucial to maintain consistency and quality standards when restocking the Galley. 

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Step 3

The pleasure of a drink, on your boat

You will agree that good food and drink are crucial aspects of an excellent vacation.
Knowing that you have everything you need on board, and a quality selection to accompany you throughout your trip, helps you enjoy moments like an aperitif at sunset or a dinner in the roadstead to the fullest, savoring the magic of every moment.

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