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Passion, research, and expertise are the values that distinguish us. We are always by the customer's side, whether they are entering the world of wine or already appreciating its secrets and infinite nuances. We offer a wide range of services to meet every need, including custom packaging and secure shipping, tastings, tours and experiences, bottle customization, and consulting. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions !

Attention to Detail

Packaging, Shipping and Delivery

Our philosophy is to ensure perfection in every detail, from packaging to delivery, to guarantee the highest quality.We take measures to protect merchandise from heat, cold, and impact damage, making your product truly unique. We understand that we are not the only ones who value the importance of choice. 

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Uniqueness of a product


Sometimes, small details can have a surprising impact. Make your brand stand out by choosing a product that truly represents you. Define your logo, approve it, and verify it before it is delivered. You can even decide who and when should receive the perfect gift.

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Every question, one answer

Expert's Advices

Do you have any questions or curiosities about wine? Are you unsure which vintage to drink first when you have wines from different years? Do you need help pairing wine with an important dinner or deciding what to cook with a particular wine? Are you interested in investing in wine but unsure which one to choose or how to buy it? Just ask us! We are happy to satisfy your curiosity.

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Fulfilling a dream

Cellars Establishment

Whether you are just starting out or have amassed a collection that has become a true passion, the Wine Cellar Manager will help you define the best balance for growing your cellar while keeping your individual needs and collection goals in mind.

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The taste pleasures

Wine Tasting

Each tasting is a journey through time and the culture of people and places. We organize tastings of wine, oil, cheese, and cured meats, both inside villas and aboard yachts. Our focus is on good taste, balance, and harmony. 

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Starting from the origins

Tour Experiences

Visiting a winery, an oil mill, or searching for precious truffles in the woods are exciting experiences. The history of a product and the ancient wisdom in processing it, combined with a picnic among the vineyard rows, a snack with the truffle hunter, or a simple bruschetta prepared by the fireplace, make for unique and unforgettable experiences. 

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