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The fifth essence

The allure of Excellence

The quality of Italian truffles is widely recognized as the best in the world.
Our products come from Central Italy, which accounts for over 65% of the national production. Although there are nine species of truffle, the five most prized varieties are each linked to a specific time of year. Truffles are a wild, uncultivated product whose production is strongly influenced by seasonal weather patterns. As a result, prices can vary depending on the type and quantity of truffles available.

Tuber melanosporum vittadini

The authentic black truffle

The Perigord truffle, also known as the Norcia truffle or fine truffle, is scientifically named Tuber melanosporum vittadini.   It is highly sought after and considered one of the most expensive foods in the world due to its limited quantity. The best black truffles in Italy are found around Norcia, Umbria. Describing its complex aroma is challenging. The scent is slightly sweet and almost earthy.

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Tuber uncinatum chatin

The black truffle uncinato

The Uncinato Truffle belongs to the highly valued category of truffles in France known as 'Truffle de Bourgogne.' It ripens during the autumn-winter season and possesses high organoleptic qualities.   It is aesthetically perfect, reaching a considerable size, and is not attacked by flies and insects due to the cold winter climate.Its flavor is much more intense, characteristic, and pleasant than that of summer truffles.

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Tuber magnatum pico

The authentic white truffle

It is most commonly referred to as the white truffle of Alba, although it can also be found in a few other regions of Italy. This highly coveted delicacy is the most expensive and luxurious in the world. Due to its smooth surface, it quickly loses moisture, resulting in a decrease in weight and price. This variety of truffle has a smooth, light ochre or slightly yellowish surface, and its flesh is light brown with fine veins. Its aroma is extremely strong but pleasant, reminiscent of honey and garlic flowers. Due to its sensitivity to heat, it is best used fresh and grated over hot dishes like pasta or eggs. Its season runs from October to the end of December.

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Tuber aestivum vittadini

The black summer truffle or scorzone

The black summer truffle is easily identifiable by its rough, warty surface. The warts are almost pyramidal, and the gleba has a brownish-yellow coloration with numerous light veins. Its season runs from March to November, often extending into December. While the quality of the black summer truffle is very good, it does not quite match the aroma of the authentic black truffle. Because of its availability and similarity in taste to traditional mushrooms, the price of this truffle is much lower than that of authentic black truffle. Additionally, its relatively thick skin makes it more resistant to moisture loss.

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Tuber borchii vittadini or tuber albidum vittadini

The bianchetto truffle

The exterior of this truffle is remarkably similar to that of the authentic white truffle. However, they do not ripen at the same time. The surface is smooth and pale white, while the fruit layer is brown with rough veins. It is harvested from mid-January to late April and is often also called the white spring truffle. It has a distinct aroma, but not as intense as that of the true white truffle.

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